Professional Escort: First Time Behavior

drinks2Anxiety can take center stage when meeting an escort for the first time. Nevertheless, this is quite normal; most people are nervous when meeting a new person, particularly a professional escort. The nervousness usually comes about because you don’t know how to present yourself or what to do.

Assuming you’ve found an escort that fits your taste and you’ve even booked a session. Your meeting could either take place in a hotel room or at home; it depends on your preference or that of your escort.

So it happens that you are patiently waiting but too nervous; you probably think to yourself that you should take some scotch to clear the nervousness. Resist this temptation and try to think about it like a date. This is a very short date, although with the added benefit of knowing that you will hit the honey jar. This is quite certain.

What to do before she gets there

Whether you’re in a hotel or at home you should ensure the space is tidied up, especially the bathroom. You or your guest may use the bathroom quite often. This means having a few clean towels handy to use when need be. A little bit of mouthwash will always be appreciated.

It’s also in your best interest to stay neatly dressed up in order to make the best impression. Remember you’re treating it like a date with a girlfriend; you want some favor in return.

The moment she arrives

Always be friendly but a little restrained, meaning you should give the impression of her being a regular guest. But since it’s the first time, allow her some time to relax. A glass of water or wine is always appreciated. If meeting at your home, a short tour will help her to ensure that no one else is present.

How and when to make payments

You should hand over the fee as soon as you can, in a discreet manner. You can put the money in a neat envelop and hand it over there and then. You want to get this out of the way as soon as possible. This gives you more time to focus on the fun.

There are times when the escort will want to call her driver or a friend so they can know where she is. This should not be taken personal as it’s the standard procedure of operation to ensure safety. You should also avoid getting grabby, kissy or sexy upfront before the fee has been paid. Most ladies find it rude in this business.

Getting the fun started

There are no set of requirements for getting things started. It might feel intimidating getting intimate with a stranger the first time. If you feel this way, grab a bottle of wine and share with her while chatting on the couch or in bed. Then you could proceed to some cuddling and kissing to enter the foreplay phase. However, if you’re not sure what to do, let the escort take charge. Escorts are professionals when it comes to giving men a bang for their cash — provided they play their part well. So stick to these rules.… read full